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The“Very Hong Kong”Survey

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 The“Very Hong Kong”Survey
16 September 2013

The Youth Research Centre conducted a survey in May and June about youth’s views of Hong Kong and discovered what made them passionate in their home town.   A total of 558 young people aged 15-34 were successfully polled through a territory-wide random sampling telephone survey. 

The survey found that the 15-24 year-olds felt they belonged more strongly to Hong Kong society than the 25-34 year-olds.  The widening poverty gap, high property prices, pressure at work, poor constitutional development and poor quality environment were the main complaints.  Features of Hong Kong which gave the most pleasure included Hong Kong’s fame as a food and shopping paradise and freedom of information. 

The survey proposed an open-ended question and invited all respondents to name one understanding icon of Hong Kong society.  The results showed that young people had a wide range of thoughts in this area, ranging from Victoria Harbour to freedom of speech.





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