Major Findings
Youth and Information Technology: A Survey of Online Privacy among Youth [P208-04]

Youth Opinion Polls No. 208

  Youth and Information Technology (IV)

A Survey of Online Privacy among Youth

9 January 2014

A survey of youth behaviour and beliefs about online privacy revealed that close to half (49.2%) of the respondents believed that their online personal data could be hacked into, yet almost 13% (12.8%) said they took no measures to protect themselves. Major findings also revealed that more than 80% (81.7%) of smartphone users did not read terms and conditions before downloading apps.  When asked to rate their level of awareness of online privacy, respondents rated themselves at an average of 6.8 points on a scale of 0-10.

Data was collected through a territory-wide random sampling telephone survey of 522 young people aged 10-24 from 12th Oct to 6th November 2013. The response rate was 52.0%, with a standard error within ±2.2%.





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