Major Findings
Youth and Information Technology: A Survey of Online Consumerism among Youth [P208-03]

Youth Opinion Polls No. 208

  Youth and Information Technology (III)

A Survey of Online Consumerism among Youth

5 December 2013

A survey of online consumerism among youth revealed that 44% (230 respondents) browsed online or collected information online about products or services.   This was more common among respondents who were female, had higher educational qualifications, were older, and/or were at work. Major findings also revealed that amongst the 44%, an average of 5 hours a week was spent in such activity and the average spent on such use of the internet was HK $347 a month. Over 40% of the group admitted that they regularly considered such use of the internet even though they had no real need to do so.

Data was collected through a territory-wide random sampling telephone survey of 522 young people aged 10-24  from the 12th Oct to 6th  November 2013.  The response rate was 52.0%, with a standard error within ±2.2%.





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