Major Findings
Mutual Help and Community Support in Hong Kong [P207]

Youth Opinion Polls No. 207

“Mutual Help and Community Support in Hong Kong”

18 December 2011


516 young people aged 15-34 responded to the poll which took place from 19 November to 5 December.  Over 50% of respondents knew few, if any, of their neighbours.  75% were apathetic or had a very unspecific relationship with them.  When asked what they most disliked in neighbours, over 25% said it was lack of awareness of others.  14% said their neighbours were impolite. Nevertheless over 36% said they were willing to offer help in the community where they lived. Young people were most interested in community services such as distributing goods (37.2%), fund raising (22.1%), extra-curricular coaching students (18.2%) and organising seminars or activities (18.2%).  About 16% were unwilling to help in any way.  Those whom respondents most wanted to help were the single elderly (62.8%), single parent families (40.7%) and low income families (21.9%). 


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