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28 / 07 / 2017

Journal of Youth Studies

January 2017

Volume 20 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 39

The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Opportunities for Youth

The Impact of “Belt and Road”Policy on Hong Kong Economic Development

Raymond W.M. YEUNG

The Advantages of Hong Kong in the Era of the Belt and Road Yuk Lun LEE
The Belt and Road Initiative in the Big Era and the New World Order: Hong Kong’s Opportunities
The Belt and Road Intiative: Opportunities for Developing Hong Kong’ Infrastructure Roger C.K.CHAN
Raising young people’s awareness and understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative Alex WONG
“The Belt and Road Initiative”and Youth Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong Kevin Y.F. AU
Hong Kong and the Belt and Road Intiative Suk Man PANG
Economic Diversification in Resource Rich Countries and the Prospect towards Hong Kong: A case of Brunei Darussalam Ka Kei CHAN
Hong Lam WONG

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

The New Media and Suicidal cases among youth

The New Media and the Suicides of China’s Young People Jie DAI
Jun Yi LIU
“New media” and self-harm in young people in Taiwan Chien Yu LIN
The New Media and Suicide among Macau’s Young People Chi Fai KWAN
The New Media and the Prevention of Youth Suicide in Hong Kong Qi Jin CHENG
Forrest T.W.CHEUNG

Professional Exchange

Current Situation and Services for Socially withdrawn Young People Tim M.H.LI
Spiritual Health, School Engagement and Civic Engagement of Secondary Students in Hong Kong Celeste Y. M. YUEN Alan C. K. CHEUNG Timothy W. W. YUEN
The Role of International Service Learning in Leadership Development among Students in Higher Education Min YANG
Yun Yung LUK
Developing Creativity and Cultural and Social Awareness in General Education: A Case Study of Higher Education in Hong Kong Wai Chung HO
Vocational Education: An Instrument of Self Reliance for The Nigerian Youths in a Depressed Economy B.ABIODUN W.L.AKINTAYO

15 / 12 / 2016

Journal of Youth Studies

July 2016

Volume 19 . Issue No. 2

Serial No. 38

Pressures Faced by the Younger Generation

Youth Suicide and Its Prevention in Hong Kong: Emerging Approaches to a Long-Standing Issue

Yik Wa LAW

Stress Management: Can Youth Stress Be Eased by Nurturing a Positive Attitude? Siu Man HSU
Intergenerational Conflict between Parents and Adolescents in Hong Kong
Tabitha Yin Ling NG
Adolescent Development and Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities Peysy Sin Yee CHOW

Mobility, Discipline, and Insecurity: Career Experiences of Youth in Hong Kong Hon Chu LEUNG
King Keung LAW
Chi Kit KWAN
Social Change and the New Generation Victor ZHENG
Po-san WAN
Cyberbullying Behaviour among Adolescents in Hong Kong: Preventing and Tacking Strategies Dennis S. W. WONG Connie T. Y. AU YEUNG Sindy S. T. YEUNG Doris K. Y. YEUNG

The Growth of Migrant Youth in Hong Kong Lai Shan SZE

Sharing Column 
Youth Mental Health: A Global Concern Chun Pan TANG

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

Educating Youth in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Cultural Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong: Experiences of the Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe) Kwok Wai LAU
Heritage Conservation and Education Development in Macao—he Implications of the Chengdu WCH&WNH Marathon Ka Meng WOUN
Development of a Rural Environmental Education Programme in Light of the Satoyama Initiative: A Case Study of Indigenous Youth Training Courses in Fon-Nan Village, Hualien, Taiwan Kuang Chung LEE
Ling Qi WANG
Ying Ying CHEN
Yu Yue LIN

Youth Work on Cultural Heritage Conservation in Guangzhou Junhua SONG

Professional Exchange

Experiences of Welfare, Family Relationships and Life Adaptation among Young People Leaving Residential Care for Home Shu hua PONG
Chung yi HU
Poor Herdboys (Girls) and Cattle Post Work: A Veritable Pillar of Botswana’s Beef Industry? N. M. TSELAESELE

01 / 08 / 2016

Journal of Youth Studies

January 2016

Volume 19 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 37

Developing Strategies for Youth Exercise and Sports

Exercise Participation of the Youth in Hong Kong

Wing-sum WONG

The Relationship Between Sports Facilities and Youth’s Engagement in Sports and Recreation Lobo H. LOUIE
A Review of the Correlates of Adolescent Physical Activity Participation
Peggy P. Y. CHEUNG
Sport and Quality of Life Jingdong LIU
Chun HU
The Strategies of Promoting Physical Education and Sports in Hong Kong T-fai YEUNG
Physical Education in Hong Kong in the 21st Century Siu Yin CHEUNG
Building Community and Positive Youth through Sports Participation: A Brief Review and Suggestions for Hong Kong Sports Service Providers Wai Chi YIP

Safeguarding Children’s Rights in Competitive Sport Trisha LEAHY
Exercise and Diet: Healthy Lifestyle of Adolescents Cora WONG

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

Social Innovation: Roles and Opportunities for Youngsters

The Roles and Challenges of Taiwan Youth in Social Enterprises and Innovation Chang-Tay CHIOU
Maker’s Education: A New Direction for Chinese Youth to Participate in Social Innovation Michael WANG
The Roles of and Opportunities for Youths in Social Innovation in Hong Kong Timothy K. H. MA

Professional Exchange

A Study of Parental Support for Junior Secondary School Students’ Musical Activities in Hong Kong Siu Hang KONG
Family factors and Party Identification of Undergraduates: Based on the Data of a University in Beijing Warrior CHAI
BoWen XU
The Teen Model and Beauty Myth: A Discourse Analysis Ka Chun SHIU
Determining Parental Influence on In-School Youth’s Attitude toward Agriculture as a Career in Ogun State, Nigeria B.O. ADISA

01 / 07 / 2015

Journal of Youth Studies

July 2015

Volume 18 . Issue No. 2

Serial No. 36

Strategies and Trends for Implementing Vocational Education in Hong Kong

Cultivate Our Talents with Good Life Planning

Eddie Hak Kim NG

Way Forward of Vocational Education and Training in the New Century Yam Shing LEUNG
Vocational Education: Its Role in Promoting Competitiveness in the Youth of Hong Kong
Vincy J. SUN
Mantak YUEN
The Phenomenology of Learning in the Connected Age: Implications for Vocational Education and Training Chun Ming LEUNG

The concept of Life Planning and practice strategy Man Shun WONG
Career Navigation for Young People —– The Experience of CLP Power Hong Kong Paul POON

Leverage on Hong Kong’s Edge on Vocational Education and Create a Regional Training Hub for Future Technical Talents Clarence LEUNG

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

Internship Programme: Getting University Students Ready for the World of Work

Discussion on the Effectiveness of Internship in Hong Kong Rosa TANG
A Preliminary Review of the Internship Programmes for University Students in the Macao SAR Sylvia S. L. IEONG

Collaboration between Industry and School to Create a Win-win Situation —– Experiences from College of Management in Yuan Ze University, Taiwan Fang-mei TSENG

The Influence of the College’s Internship Pattern on Students’ Internship Performance in the Context of Mainland China’s National Conditions: A Perspective Compared with American University Wang GAO

Professional Exchange

Youth Party Members in Hong Kong: An Overview Hoi Yu NG
Internet Addiction and Youth Work Intervention: A Humanistic Perspective Ka Chun SHIU

01 / 01 / 2015

Journal of Youth Studies

January 2015

Volume 18 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 35


Youth and the Universal Retirement Protection Scheme:

What it Means for Them?

A Study on the Feasibility of Implementing a Universal Retirement

Protection Scheme in Hong Kong based on Overseas Experience

Raymond Wai-man YEUNG

Ideas Behind our Study on the Future Development of

Retirement Security in Hong Kong

Nelson CHOW

The Objectives and Effectiveness Evaluation of

Reforming Retirement Protection

Kee Lee CHOU

Functions and Sustainability of a Retirement System

Hoi Wai CHUA

Is Universal Pension Sustainable?

Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre

Universal Retirement Protection: The Relevance of MPF in the Debate

Diana CHAN

The Views of the Hong Kong Youths on Retirement Protection

Shui Ching CHAN


Universal Pension and its Implications to Financial Education
Raymond W. M. SO

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

Business Start-ups: Challenges for Youth

Entrepreneurial Capacity, Institutional Environment

and Entrepreneurial Performance of Young Chinese Entrepreneurs

Dawei SANG

Understanding the Challenges of Young Entrepreneurs from

the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Framework in Hong Kong
Mingles TSOI

Resources and Directions for Young Entrepreneurs in Taiwan

Hsiang Lin CHAN

New Business Creation for the Young Generation in Macao:

Opportunities and Challenges

Jacky Fok Loi HONG

Jian XU

Professional Exchange

Change of the Educational Policies for Non-Chinese-Speaking Pupils

in Hong Kong

Siu Wai WU

Empowerment in Social Work Practice with Young People:

The Case of Taiwan

Chung-yi HU

Theme Exhibition of Memorial Museums and Social Education of Youngsters Chang-ming WANG

01 / 07 / 2014

Journal of Youth Studies

July 2014

Volume 17 . Issue No. 2

Serial No. 34

Feature:Creative Industries and Opportunities for Youth Development

The Necessary Elements for the Youth in Developing Creative Industries

Henry Chi Fai MA

Prospects for Young People Joining the Innovation and Technology


Nim-kwan CHEUNG

Create an Oasis With Art of Design

Raymond CHOY

A Study on How to Facilitate Youth Participation in Creative Industries

through Policy Comparison and Stakeholders’ Experience

Shui Ching CHAN

Amy S. M. YUEN

From creativity to creative industries:

a curly road that education can contribute

James KO

Debbie LAU

From Idea to Practice —— Creative Arts Programmes

at The Open University of Hong Kong

Kwok-kan TAM

Sunny Sui-kwong LAM

Angela Tsin-fung LAW

David Kei-man YIP

Vincent Shing-fung MAK

Makin Bing-fai FUNG

Fostering Student Creativity: What Teachers Can Do?
Jiafang LU
Make a Difference (MaD) in its 5th Year: Reflections and Sharing

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:

The 2014 World Cup: Effects on Young People’s Exercise Habits

A Concern about Hong Kong adolescents’ Health and Sport

Participation Induced by the World Cup

Pak-kwong CHUNG

Ka-man LEUNG

Relationship between Participation in Recreational Physical Activity

and Quality of Life in the Students of High Schools in Macao
Zhaowei KONG

Differences in Daily Step Counts among Primary, Secondary,

and Junior College Students in Singapore

John Chee Keng WANG

Woon Chia LIU

Koon Teck KOH

Coral Boon San LIM

Strategies for promoting adolescent's physical activity in Taiwan

Li-kang CHI

Professional Exchange

Community service’s impact on adolescent identity formation ——

Case study of three secondary schools in Hong Kong

Hui-xuan XU

Effects of In-School Youth Skills Acquisition Activities on

Academic Performances in Ondo State, Nigeria

Dixon Olutade TORIMIRO

Oluwatosin Oluwasegun FASINA


01 / 01 / 2014

Journal of Youth Studies

January 2014
Volume 17 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 33

Feature:Building Governance Capacity for the HKSAR Government: Obstacles and Solutions

The Governance and Development of the HKSAR: A Middle Way that Balances “One Country” with “Two Systems”

Albert H.Y. CHEN

Government-Legislature Relationship and Governance

Jasper Yok Sing TSANG

Political Distrust, Governability and Institutional Deadlock in Hong Kong

Sonny Shiu Hing LO

Political Attitudes and Political Participation of Hong Kong Youth

Victor ZHENG
Po San WAN
Kevin WONG

Autonomy, Self-Governance and Social Participation: Some Patterns of
Civil Society Development in Hong Kong

Hon Fai CHEN

The Rise of Transgressive Contention by Young Activists: Recent Cases in Hong Kong

Nick Hin Kin OR
Calvin Hiu Ming LAU

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:Enhancing Youth Mental Health

Mental Health of Youth in Hong Kong

Carman Lai Moy WONG

The Exploration of the Basic Methods to Promoting the Youth Mental Health Improving

Chun Mei CHANG

Youth Mental Health in Singapore

John C. M. WONG
Adrian Seng Wei LOH
Celine Hsia Jia WONG
Wei Shyan LIM
Jayne Wen Ling HO

Internet Addiction among Taiwanese Youths


The Mental Health Crises of Gaming Employees in Macao

San Lan KONG

Professional Exchange

The life challenges of children born in Hong Kong to Mainland parents:
From the policy and intergroup competition for resources perspectives

Yuk King LAU

Construct Ecological Network Society Improve Cultural Ecological Environment

Jing Duo LIU
Zhong Fen LIU

In-School Farm Children as Young Animators for Information Dissemination amongst Small Holder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Nigeria and Botswana

Adekunle A. ELUDIRE
Jelili O. YUSUF
Stephen K. SUBAIR

01 / 07 / 2013

Journal of Youth Studies

July 2013
Volume 16 . Issue No. 2

Serial No. 32

Feature:Population Policy: Nurturing Young Talent and Increasing

Changes in the Population Demographic Structure and Youth Development in Hong Kong

Chi Kwong LAW

Raising Fertility Rate: from a Social Perspective

Herman FUNG

Analyzing the Difficulties of Anchor Children Living in Hong Kong from Population Policy views


The Tertiary Education of Hong Kong: Challenges faced by the Youth and related Policy Implication

Paul YIP
Cassius CHOW

Career Planning in the Changing Society

Yat Hung CHUI


Chances and Challenges for Non-Engaged Youth in the Changing Hong Kong Society

Victor ZHENG
Chung Yan IP
Fanny M. C. CHEUNG

Rejecting Adulthood or being denied of Adulthood: A Critical Interrogation on Youth Transition

Shui Ling Louisa YAU
Ka Chun SHIU

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:Challenges Encountered by Young Ethnic Minorities

Key to the Social Integration of Ethnic Minority Youths in Hong Kong: Effective Chinese Language Education and Fair Language Policy

Wing Lok POON

Life Challenges and Social Inclusion among Indigenous Youths in Taiwan

Chung Yi HU

Nonworking Poor or Working Poor? A Study on Needy Indigenous Peoples’ Labour Experience in Taiwan

Duu Chiang WANG

Theoretical Models on the Cross-cultural Adaptations of Foreign Students

Chang Ming WANG

Professional Exchange

An Empirical Review on Child Poverty Alleviation Policies and Programmes in Hong Kong: Strategic Change on School-based and Community-based Projects

Mun Yu Vera TANG

Meeting the Challenge of the New Senior Secondary School Curriculum: Case Studies on Student Teachers in Hong Kong

Kin Sang Jacqueline CHAN

Introduction to University Governance



01 / 01 / 2013

Journal of Youth Studies

January 2013
Volume 16 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 31



Feature:Youth Development in a Multimedia World



The Opportunities and Challenges of Youth Start-up in Creative Industries

Henry MA

Opportunities for an Engaging Media and Information Literacy Education Programme

Bernard SUEN

New generation Creation Revelation: From 3D , Micro-film & the Fourth Screen to see new media trends

Kevin LEE

A Study of Internet Influence to The Youth : A Viewpoint from a minimovie “Temperature”


Youth and Online Game in Hong Kong

Anthony Y.H. FUNG

Achieving equal learning opportunity by information technology in special education

Kuen Fung SIN
Tze Leung LUI


Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange:A Review of Life Education Experience and Practice


Family education in the practice of life education for adolescents in Mainland China: Themes, issues and direction

Baohong SUN

The Curricula in Forgiveness That designed for Taiwan’s Teenagers – A Series of Martial Arts Movies "Ip Man"

Shu Sum NG
Wen Kuei LIN

An Approach to Life Education From the Position of Autobiographic Inquiry of Currere

Yung Sheng OU

An overview of the implementation of life education in Macao


Life education for Hong Kong adolescents:Current status and future directions

Siu-Ming TO 
Cherry Hau-lin TAM
Wallace Chi-Ho CHAN



Professional Exchange 


Mate Selection Criteria among University Students in China:A Survey of One University in Xiamen, Fujian

Ting-Ting WANG
Bin-Liu CHEN
Brian Kai-Yung TAM

Cultural Difference of Young People’s Independent Living Capability in Residential Care

Chung-Yi HU

A Study On Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour of Young people in Shanghai

Simon CHAN
Francis LEE


01 / 07 / 2012

Journal of Youth Studies

July 2012
Volume 15 . Issue No. 2

Serial No. 30


The Challenges of Hong Kong's Economic Integration with the Mainland

The Basis of Hong Kong’s Economic Integration with the Mainland and Its Future Development Trends

Pui King LAU

The Impacts of Integration with Mainland China on Hong Kong’s Social Development

Anthony WONG

How a Population Policy Can Be Formulated in Response to Hong Kong’s Integration with the Mainland

Nelson W. S. CHOW

The Impact of Mutual Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications between Mainland China and Hong Kong on the Quality of Human Capital in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s Immigration Policy for Mainland Students and Young Professionals: Effectiveness and Challenges

Chunya GENG   Huan LI

The Challenges That Cross-Boundary Students Bring to Basic Education in Hong Kong

Siu Wai WU

Caught between Two Cultures: The Everyday Civic Life of Cross-Boundary Youth

Celeste Y. M. YUEN

How Can Social Services Meet the Needs of Cross-Boundary Students?

Yuk-ching CHEUNG

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange : Trends in Youth Continuing Education

The Current Situation of Youth Continuing Education in Mainland China and the Role of the Government

Dayong YUAN

Comparative Demand for Continuing Education Amongst Young Adults in Hong Kong: 2007/08 and 2009/10

Weiyuan ZHANG Dorothy CHEUNG

The Strategies and Trends of Youth Continuing Education in Taiwan

Kuo-te YANG

Analysis on the Trends in Macau Youth Continuing Education and the Continuing Education Work of the Macau University of Science and Technology


Youth and Continuing Education in Singapore


Professional Exchange

Ethical Dilemmas of Social Workers in Juvenile Offenders Rehabilitation Service

Chung-yi HU

The Objective Factors Influencing the Entrepreneurial Projects to Enrich People by College-Graduate Village Officials – A Survey Based on the Subei Area in Jiangsu Province

De-feng MA

Effects of Year-Round Swim Training on Selected Cardiorespiratory Functions of Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Students

Frank H. FU Linxuan GUO

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