Scope of Service

A. Youth Poll Series
Since 1993, the Youth Research Centre has been conducting a series of monthly youth polls by telephone survey in order to ascertain how young people behave in certain situations, and where they stand on a variety of topical issues of social and political nature. The findings are released to the press and reports are submitted to relevant government departments, non-governmental organizations and interested bodies.

B. Youth Study Series
Since 1993, the centre has been conducting a series of youth studies via quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to explore youth phenomena and problems. The findings and recommendations are well received by policy-makers, government officials, education personnel and social work professionals. It is hoped that the Youth Study Series will be useful in the formulation of youth policies and the planning of youth services.

C. Journal of Youth Studies Series
The objective of publishing the Journal of Youth Studies is to provide a forum for professional discussion on youth policies so as to advocate for better legislation and policies for youth services.  Besides regular readers on our subscription list, the Journal is circulated to government departments, policy-makers, education institutes, social service organizations, academics and experts, as well as university libraries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and other countries.  

D. Hong Kong Youth Trend Series
A sound grasp of youth trends allows monitoring of policies and services to be done in a more co-coordinated way.  The objective of publishing Hong Kong Youth Trends Series is to provide both the public and policy makers with an updated and in-depth gauge of youth dynamics and development.  By crystallizing various research efforts on youth issues and with references made to surveys conducted by the Federation on young people's attitudes, the Report attempts to benchmark the face and attitude of youth.  Trend analyses, policy discussions and recommendations were also incorporated for easy comprehension.  The first issue was published in October 1999.


E. Studies on Current Youth Issues
From 2013, the Youth Research Centre of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has been conducting a series of studies, looking into various topical issues related to the young people of the city.  The series has adopted two research methodologies: (1) desk top research from secondary sources; and (2) primary source data collection through surveys.  Where necessary, the studies will also have a policy recommendation component.  The studies will be publicized through press releases and articles, along with a free download.

F. Special Reference and Comparative Studies
With a mission to promote the spirit of information sharing of our research work, the Youth Research Centre (YRC) also takes a role in publication.  It could, at the same time, help promote the positive attitude of truth seeking for conducting research work. 


While Liberal Studies is getting more popular and important in the education system of the 21st century, the YRC has recently published a relevant reference book, entitled “Research and Liberal Studies”.  This book is targeting at the secondary school students.

Meanwhile, the YRC has developed a close tie with other research institutes on the mainland, in the territory, and overseas for joint research projects. 





New Arrival


Journal of Youth Studies
January 2017

Volume 20 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 39

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