Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Hong Kong Comparative Youth Study Series
In the run-up to the changeover of sovereignty in 1997, Hong Kong's future intermingles, in a number of ways, with that of China. It is therefore important to ascertain whether people in these places see eye to eye. As the driving force of China's development, young people and their civic awareness do inpinge on the direction and orientation of the society at large. Given it vital significance, civic awareness becomes the theme of the captioned Study Series which is designed to solicit young people's views. Since 1995, our research area expended to Shanghai and started the Comparative Youth Study Series, conducted jointly by the Youth and Juvenile Studies Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). Topics included: "Youth and Careers" and "Youth and Stress" in 1995; "Courtship and Merriage" and "Family and Fertility" in 1996.

Series No. Year Topie Code
8 December 1996 Family and Fertility CS8
7 October 1996 Courtship and Marriage CS7
6 December 1995 Youth and Stress CS6
5 June 1995 Youth and Careers CS5
4 December 1994 Government and Politics CS4
3 October 1994 Nation and Ethnicity CS3
2 July 1994 Law and Ethics CS2
1 April 1994 Individual and Society CS1

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