Opportunities for Youth Employment Amid the Pandemic

The Youth I.D.E.A.S. announced its latest report on
“Opportunities for Youth Employment Amid the Pandemic”



The Youth I.D.E.A.S. (established by HKFYG Youth Research Centre) has released its study on “Opportunities for Youth Employment Amid the Pandemic”.


Data gathered from 600 Hong Kong youth aged 18-34 who have left school showed that 55.0% of them have encounter employment problems such as “failed to find jobs” (22.0%), “reduced working hours” (17.8%), “had been put on furlough” (17.5%) and “took a pay cut” (13.7%). As for the post-pandemic situation, 39.7% thought it could be worse than before.


A graduate interviewed said he was still unable to get a job though he had been looking for jobs for over 3 months. A part-time event security guard said he had almost zero income since the pandemic began because many events were cancelled.


The study recommended the government introduce an employee training scheme in which the programs would be proposed by the business sector so as to meet the demand for manpower quickly. It also recommended the government provide tax reduction to enterprises that can offer additional part-time or half-time jobs.