Thematic Issues

Series on “Thematic Issues”


In recent years, the political and social landscape at the international level, as well as in the Hong Kong society, have experienced rapid changes. The younger generation nowadays is facing complex challenges and youth issues have become more intricate and diverse.

We believe that through in-depth research and discussion on youth issues could help the public better understand the latest situations and needs of youth today. For this reason, the YRC has launched the series on “Thematic Issues”, which regularly conducting researches on youth issues at various aspects.

Data are collected via different methodologies, such as literature review, survey, case study and exclusive expert/ academic interviews. This series aims at highlighting the major problems or difficulties facing the young generation. Recommendations will be put forward with an aim of providing insights to the young people and the society a whole amidst challenges ahead.

May 19, 2022

The Competitiveness of Hong Kong Young’s People in the Greater Bay Area

The Competitiveness of Hong Kong Young’s People in the Greater Bay Area 19 May, 2022   As the economic development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) accelerates, a growing number of Hong Kong’s young people are starting to realise the growth potential of the Mainland cities in this region and how it can positively impact their careers. However, differences in the respective social systems between Hong Kong, Macao and the nine other cities pose an array of challenges for those Hong Kong young people who decide on the GBA for their career development. Can Hong Kong young people seize the […]
August 30, 2021

All-round Wellness

All-round Wellness   Hong Kong has faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years. This has not been easy in the entire community, but particularly for the all-round wellbeing of young people. No one can predict when another pandemic, collective trauma or stressor would hit. One of the most effective ways to cope is to build strength, unity and resilience within the community to weather the current storm and prepare for the next. An HKFYG report was conducted to explore ways how young people might do this through understanding the concept of all-round wellness.