7/2018 Volume 21 Issue No.2 The Greater Bay Area Initiative and its Opportunities No. 42
1/2018 Issue No.1 Development of Youth’s Whole Person Wellness No.41
7/2017 Volume 20 Issue No.2 Youth Development in the Past Two Decades No.40
1/2017 Issue No.1 The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Opportunities for Youth No.39
7/2016 Volume 19 Issue No.2 Pressures Faced by the Younger Generation No.38
1/2016 Issue No.1 Developing Strategies for Youth Exercise and Sports No.37
7/2015 Volume 18 Issue No.2 Strategies and Trends for Implementing Vocational Education in Hong Kong No.36
1/2015 Issue No.1 Youth and the Universal Retirement Protection Scheme: What it Means for Them? No.35
7/2014 Volume 17 Issue No.2 Creative Industries and Opportunities for Youth Development No.34
1/2014 Issue No.1 Building Governance Capacity for the HKSAR Government: Obstacles and Solutions No.33
7/2013 Volume 16 Issue No.2 Population Policy: Nurturing Young Talent and Increasing Productivity No.32
1/2013 Issue No.1 Youth Development in a Multimedia World No.31
7/2012 Volume 15 Issue No.2 The Challenges of Hong Kong’s Economic Integration with the Mainland No.30
1/2012 Issue No.1 The Impact of the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure on Youth No.29
7/2011 Volume 14 Issue No.2 Economically Disadvantaged Young People What is the Way Out? No.28
1/2011 Issue No.1 Trends in Adolescent Mental Health No.27
7/2010 Volume 13 Issue No.2 Youth Work for the i-generation No.26
1/2010 Issue No.1 The Impact of Pearl River Delta Integration on Young People No.25
7/2009 Volume 12 Issue No.2 Finding a Way Forward for Youth Employment After the Financial Crisis No.24
1/2009 Issue No.1 Changing Faces of Young People–60 Years After the Founding of the PRC No.23
7/2008 Volume 11 Issue No.2 Olympic Inspiration No.22
1/2008 Issue No.1 Can Social Enterprise Make A Difference? No.21
7/2007 Volume 10 Issue No.2 Youth Development in the First Decade of the HKSAR No.20
1/2007 Issue No.1 A Closer Look at Youth Violence No.19
7/2006 Volume 9 Issue No.2 The Changing Dynamics of Family Relationships No.18
1/2006 Issue No.1 The Emerging Poverty Cycle No.17
7/2005 Volume 8 Issue No.2 Has Drug Use Become Casual? No.16
1/2005 Issue No.1 How to Enlarge thew Cultural Space of Youth? No.15
7/2004 Volume 7 Issue No.2 Cultivating Creativity Among Young People No.14
1/2004 Issue No.1 Rethinking Healthy Life after the SARS Epidemic No.13
7/2003 Volume 6 Issue No.2 The Peral River Delta: A New Option for Young People? No.12
1/2003 Issue No.1 Building Up Social Capital: A United Effort No.11
7/2002 Volume 5 Issue No.2 Economic Globalization: The Problems and Solutions of Youth Employment No.10
1/2002 Issue No.1 Socio-Economic Development in Hong Kong and Changes in Family No.9
7/2001 Volume 4 Issue No.2 The Spirit of Volunteering-Role of the Third Sector No.8
1/2001 Issue No.1 Health Crisis Facing the New Generation No.7
7/2000 Volume 3 Issue No.2 Youth Leadership Training and Development for the New Century No.6
1/2000 Issue No.1 Trends in Youth Development for the New Century No.5
7/1999 Volume 2 Issue No.2 The New Generation under Economic Restructuring No.4
1/1999 Issue No.1 Youth and Politics No.3
7/1998 Volume 1 Issue No.2 Youth Crime and Support for Rehabilitation No.2
1/1998 Issue No.1 Youth Policy in the SAR Administration No.1