Journal of Youth Studies

January 2013

Volume 16 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 31

Feature : Youth Development in a Multimedia World

The Opportunities and Challenges of Youth Start-up in Creative Industries - Henry MA
Henry MA
Associate Dean, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

【Abstract】The term Creative Industries was a concept that originated from the Blair Labour Government in 1997 to facilitate growth and social benefit of the British economy. In view of the benefit, similar establishments were also followed by the other countries. Creative Industries are fast growing sectors that also provide promising development for the youth. This paper investigated the opportunities and challenges of the youth in developing their career in creative industries and pointed out the opportunities of starting up their own business in such industries with the support of cases.
Keywords: Creativity; Creative Industries; Youth Start-up
Opportunities for an Engaging Media and Information Literacy Education Programme - Bernard SUEN
Bernard SUEN
Project Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

【Abstract】In the 21st century, our young people will face challenges that their parents have not seen before. Rapid changes in technology, deteriorations in the natural environment, worsening economic crises, growing natural resource shortages, and increased regional instability caused by hostile international relations and local social unrest all call for decisive and well-informed responses. Young people need not only new tools, but also a new mindset to deal with these challenges. As the new generation becomes more globally connected by technology and culture, educators believe that media and information literacy (MIL) education will play an important role in equipping our young people with the necessary skills to deal with this uncertain future. Educators also hope that throughout this process, various gaps can be bridged from those who are better prepared to “plug in” to those who are not. The purpose of this short article is to examine the future possibilities of participatory culture and new media in Hong Kong so educators can take advantage of the latest developments and encourage youngsters to seize future opportunities . The article is based on selective reviews of existing literature and education programmes.
Keywords: Digital Divide; Digital Native; Media and Information Literacy; Participatory Culture; Prosumer
New generation Creation Revelation: From 3D , Micro-film & the Fourth Screen to see new media trends - Kevin LEE
Kevin LEE
Redspots Creative (Hong Kong) Company Limited - CEO

【Abstract】With the progress of network transmission technology, the popularity of smart phones, the rise of social networking sites and micro-film, the birth of the fourth screen and the boom of 3D images and network industry, the media market has been shaped dramatically. As video sharing website is becoming more and more popular, it provides a great opportunity for creative young people to showcase their creativity and videos through these networks. This article is written for the young people who are interested in joining the imaging industry, summarizing the rapid development and transformation of the media industry. Hopefully it can provide some insights of the industry and inspire creative direction for young people.
Keywords: Digital Divide; Digital Native; Media and Information Literacy; Participatory Culture; Prosumer
A Study of Internet Influence to The Youth : A Viewpoint from a minimovie “Temperature” - Ya-Chin HUANG
Lecturer, Department of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University

【Abstract】S. Craig Watkins, The American professor from the University of Texas, has pointed out that “Young people now are already used to multitasking media use behaviour. Requiring them to turn off their computers, cell phones, and iPods is equivalent to turning off their lives.” Taiwan once had a popular cell phone ad slogan that read, “In the end, technology comes from what makes us human.” Is this actually the case? This article looks at the 11-minute, 22-second-long mini film “Temperature” filmed by Taiwanese college students. Three small stories, as experienced through the female main character, describe different temperature changes in relationships between people and the feeling of distance that technology gives to people. It goes on to discuss in detail “The Phenomenon of the Heads-Buried-in-their-Screens Crowd” and raises the issue of the main symptoms and negative effects brought about by internet addiction. Finally, it suggests that the heads-buried-in-their-screens crowd leave their screens, “raise their heads,” pay attention to the friends around them, and return their social temperature to a normal degree.
Keywords: Smartphone addicts; Mini-movie “Temperature”; Internet influence; Internet addiction
Youth and Online Game in Hong Kong - Anthony Y.H. FUNG
Anthony Y.H. FUNG
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

【Abstract】This study reviews the literature on online game addiction and presented the data from a Hong Kong gamer survey in a cyber cafe conducted in 2011. By doing so, this study seeks to critically analyse the phenomenon of online gaming among youth in Hong Kong and evaluate the public discourse on online gaming in order to draw implications for public policy.
Keywords: youth, online game
Achieving equal learning opportunity by information technology in special education - Kuen Fung SIN Tze Leung LUI
Kuen Fung SIN
Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Tze Leung LUI
Teaching Fellow, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
【Abstract】The rapid development of information technology exerts great impact to the learning of students with special educational needs. This paper attempts to review the work of information technology in special education by analyzing the concerns and project work in the years. With the development of computer assisted learning and the advancement of Web 2.0, SEN students are expected more communication and sharing among each other through the internet. The new paradigm, person to person P2P, will be the new development. By looking forward, the IT in special needs will shift from the tasks of CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) training and providing the multi-sensory stimulus to the construction of a platform with exposure, communication, analysis and reflection, with the support of the technology, environmental interaction and daily needs, so as to facilitate the students’ whole person development and social inclusion. The final outcome of equal learning opportunity is thus warranted.
Keywords: Special needs; Information technology; Computer assisted learning; Web 2.0

Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange : A Review of Life Education Experience and Practice

Family education in the practice of life education for adolescents in Mainland China: Themes, issues and direction - Jian ZHANG Baohong SUN
Doctoral candidate, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University
Baohong SUN
Researcher in the Institute of Youth research; Director, Research Center of the National Spirit and Quality , Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

【Abstract】Exploring and perfecting the content system and approaches toward life education for adolescents have become current urgent needs in the push to advance life educational practices in adolescents. As an important channel of Teenagers’ Life Education - Family Education, it is necessary to clarify the themes of family life education: knowing life, understanding life, and blooming in life. It is also important to contemplate the existing issues in life care education: youth alienation, a rejection of the pursuit of instrumental rationality, lack of educational resources, and the way diversity is taught in family life education. To ensure that these issues are solved, they should be addressed in the following three aspects: understanding the nature of life and education/entering family-oriented life education; leaving regulation of utilitarian thought behind/carrying out life as the origin of the family education; breaking the mindset to multiply/collaborative family education.
Keywords: adolescent ; life education ; family education
The Curricula in Forgiveness That designed for Taiwan’s Teenagers – A Series of Martial Arts Movies "Ip Man"
Shu Sum NG
Associate Professor, Institute of Life and Death Education and Counseling, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences
Wen Kuei LIN
Counselling Teacher, National Yilan Senior High School

【Abstract】In recent years, forgiveness issues—classified in the field of life education as a category of “personality integration and spiritual development “—have become a high school elective course in Taiwan. In the face of increasing campus interpersonal conflict incidents leading to injuries, this study takes up the idea of forgiveness education to find out how to reduce bullying incidents. By referencing forgiveness education theory (based on Everett L. Worthington’s studies) and the Ip Man series of martial arts movies, this study describes the designing and implementing of eight units of a forgiveness education course. This study uses the action research method and constant planning, reflection, and correction in the teaching process to push research forward and advance teaching quality.
Keywords: forgiveness education, martial arts movies, senior high school, Everett L. Worthington, life education
An Approach to Life Education From the Position of Autobiographic Inquiry of Currere - Wu Chi CHAN Yung Sheng OU
Ph.D., National Taipei University of Education
Yung Sheng OU
Honorary Professor, National Taipei University of Education

【Abstract】This study is an investigation of life education from the perspective of currere curricular theory. It illustrates the dilemmas of life education in school and suggests that life education should focus on teaching students moral subjects. The conclusion proposes utilizing the autobiographic inquiry of currere to help teachers and students create awareness of self-identity and respect others.
Keywords: Autobiographic inquiry, life education, moral subject
An overview of the implementation of life education in Macao - Im Lan WONG Pek Ut CHEONG
Head of Moral Education Centre, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao Special Administrative Region
Consultant Senior Officer, Centre of Psycho-pedagogical Support and Special Education

【Abstract】Over the past few decades, Macau has transformed into a cosmopolitan city driven by its economic boom. However, the rapid development of Macau society has brought negative effects on the moral values of the youth generation. To nurture the healthy development of students and help them toward a higher well-being in the future, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau has put great emphasis on the development of the “Requirements of Basic Academic Attainments” for moral and civic education for various education levels. Meanwhile, student counselling themes have been developed to encourage schools to create their own school-based curriculum of life education and organize adequate activities for students. The ultimate goal is to help students develop a positive life attitude, foster good moral values, and learn to cherish and appreciate life.
Keywords: Moral and Civic Education, the Requirements of Basic Academic Attainments, Student Counseling, Student Counselors, Life Education
Life education for Hong Kong adolescents:Current status and future directions - Siu-Ming TO Cherry Hau-lin TAM Wallace Chi-Ho CHAN
Siu-Ming TO
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cherry Hau-lin TAM
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong
Wallace Chi-Ho CHAN
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

【Abstract】This article examines the full spectrum of meaning-of-life education, as well as its current status, challenges, and directions for future development. This article argues that life education should focus on enlightenment about the meaning of life, aiming to provide young people with rich learning experiences that help them search for their own purpose in life and foster positive life attitudes amid countless opportunities and difficulties. To achieve this objective, educators should take into account the integration of theories, the development of curriculum, the training of practitioners, the participation of youth and their families, and the formulation of policy.
Keywords: Life education, Meaning of life, Life attitudes, Personal growth, Adolescents

Professional Exchange

Mate Selection Criteria among University Students in China:A Survey of One University in Xiamen, Fujian - Fan ZHANG Ting-Ting WANG Ying ZHENG Bin-Liu CHEN Brian Kai-Yung TAM
Ting-Ting WANG
Bin-Liu CHEN
Brian Kai-Yung TAM
College of Teacher Education, Jimei University

【Abstract】This study investigates gender similarities and differences in mate-selection criteria among university students in Mainland China. A convenience sample of 600 undergraduate students in one university in Xiamen, Fujian completed an anonymous questionnaire designed to assess their mate-selection choices. Female students placed greater emphasis on mates’ competence and earning potential, while male students put more emphasis on women’s physical attractiveness and elegance. In addition, when reporting on the innate qualities of a mate, female students tended to look for mates with a strong sense of responsibility and who are tolerant, mature, ambitious, and humorous. In contrast, male students tended to seek women who are cultivated and virtuous.
Keywords: mate selection criteria; university students; Mainland China
Cultural Difference of Young People’s Independent Living Capability in Residential Care - Chung-Yi HU
Chung-Yi HU
Department of Social Work, National Taipei University

【Abstract】When young people leave residential caring home and are no longer cared for by their parents, it is important that they are capable of living independently. This study used focus groups and in-depth interviews to collect data from 18 social workers and 6 clients. The results revealed three dimensions of independent living capability: life skills, social capability, and mental capability. Lastly, four types of cultural difference were identified: area, ethnic, class, and generation. This study suggests that social workers must identify the indicators of independent living capability and provide “leaving” care service with cultural sensitivity.
Keywords: independent living capability, cultural sensitivity, residential care
A Study On Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour of Young people in Shanghai - Simon CHAN Francis LEE
Simon CHAN
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University
Francis LEE
Part-time Lecturer, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University

【Abstract】This research focuses on the updated sexual attitudes and behaviour of young people in Shanghai and finds that males have more open sex attitudes than females. However, their knowledge about how to have safe sex is rather limited, and most of them receive sex-related knowledge mainly from peers and the internet. As a result, it is important to integrate the experience of sex education programs and social workers’ intervention strategies from Hong Kong and other countries in order to cultivate a more systematic sex education system in Shanghai.
Keywords: Shanghai; young people; sexual attitudes; sexual behavior