Jan, 2024 YI076 Exploring Green Employment for the Future Employment and Economy
Nov, 2023 YI074 Increasing Youth Involvement in District Governance Youth Development and Engagement
July, 2023 YI073 Working Towards Sustainable Consumption Society and Livelihood
Aug, 2023 YI072 Career Development and Challenges in the New Era of Generative AI Employment and Economy
May, 2023 YI071 Why a Global Perspective Matters to Young People Youth Development and Engagement
July, 2022 YI070 Tapping into the Economic Opportunities of the Metaverse Economics
July, 2022 YI069 What Young People Want for Hong Kong Governance
May, 2022 YI068 A Study on the Rise of Fake News Livelihood
September, 2022 YI067 Effectively Supporting SEN Secondary Students with e-Learning Education
December, 2021 YI066 Sustaining Sports Development by Strengthening its Industry Economics
November, 2021 YI065 Strengthening the Rule of Law through Education Governance
September, 2021 YI064 Unleashing the Potential of Local Entertainment Industry Livelihood
August, 2021 YI063 Preparing for the Changes in the Senior Secondary Cirriculum Education
August, 2021 YI062 Navigating Career Opportunities for Young People Economics
June, 2021 YI061 The Challenges of Civil Servant Talent Development Governance
May, 2021 YI060 Balancing Privacy Protection and Big Data Development Livelihood
April, 2021 YI059 Supporting Teachers in Facing Educational Challenges Education
March, 2021 YI058 Tackling Hong Kong’s Brain Drain Economics
January, 2021 YI057 To Stay or To Leave? A Critical Question for Good Governance Governance
January, 2021 YI056 Public Health Lessons Learnt from COVID-19 Livelihood
November, 2020 YI055 Enriching Students’ Internship Experiences in the Next Normal Education
November, 2020 YI054 Opportunities for Youth Employment Amid the Pandemic Economics
September, 2020 YI053 Improving Operations of Advisory Bodies to Better Facilitate Youth Engagement Governance
September, 2020 YI052 Maximizing the Advantages of Flexible Working Arrangements Livelihood
July, 2020 YI051 Facilitating Young People’s Access to Financial Services through Virtual Banking Economics
July, 2020 YI050 Enhancing Support for e-Learning in Schools Education
April, 2020 YI049 Improving Governance by Maximising Effectiveness of Social Media Governance
December, 2019 YI048 Strengthening Intergenerational Understanding Society and Livelihood
October, 2019 YI047 Enriching the Experiences of Working Youth through Overseas Exposures Employment and Economics Development
September, 2019 YI046 Improving Financial Education for Young People Education and Innovation
September, 2019 YI045 Strengthening the Role and Functions of District Councils Governance and Constitutional Development
August, 2019 YI044 Co-Living: An Alternative Hong Kong Housing Solution for Youth? Society and Livelihood
June, 2019 YI043 Attracting Diverse Young Talents to Hong Kong Employment and Economics Development
May, 2019 YI042 Increasing the Efficacy of ICT Education at Junior Secondary Level Education and Innovation
April, 2019 YI041 Advancing the Honours and Awards System of the HKSAR Governance and Constitutional Development
March, 2019 YI040 Stepping up Efforts in Reducing and Recycling Waste in Hong Kong Society and Livelihood
February, 2019 YI039 Overcoming Career Challenges of Hong Kong Young People in the Greater Bay Area Employment and Economics Development
January, 2019 YI038 Improving the Effectiveness of Career and Life Planning Education Education and Innovation
December, 2018 YI037 Involving the Community in Public Finance Management Governance and Constitutional Development
November, 2018 YI036 Enhancing Career Opportunities for Higher Educated Youth with SEN or Disabilities Education and Innovation
October, 2018 YI035 Improving Incentives for Women’s Employment Employment and Economics Development
September, 2018 YI034 Living with Innovative Technologies and Building a Smart City Education and Innovation
August, 2018 YI033 Nurturing Talent for Governance Governance and Constitutional Development
July, 2018 YI032 Boosting Birth Rate in Hong Kong Society and Livelihood
June, 2018 YI031 Encouraging Young-Olds Employment Employment and Economics Development
June, 2018 YI030 Improving Liberal Studies in Senior Secondary Education Education and Innovation
April, 2018 YI029 Enhancing e-Government in the HKSAR Governance and Constitutional Development
February, 2018 YI028 Promoting Organ Donation in Hong Kong Society and Livelihood
January, 2018 YI027 e-Sports in Hong Kong Employment and Economics Development
January, 2018 YI026 STEM Education in Secondary Schools: Improving Resource Utilization Education and Innovation
December, 2017 YI025 Building Public Trust in the Government Governance and Constitutional Development
July, 2017 YI024 Views of Senior Secondary Students on Taking a Gap in Their Studies Education and Innovation
June, 2017 YI023 Young People’s Views on Togetherness Governance and Constitutional Development
May, 2017 YI022 How Young People Cope with Stress Society and Livelihood
April, 2017 YI021 Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Development of Creative Craftsmanship in Hong Kong Employment and Economics Development
March, 2017 YI020 STEM Education in Primary Schools Education and Innovation
February, 2017 YI019 Young People’s Views on the Performance of Political Appointments Governance and Constitutional Development
January, 2017 YI018 Young people’s Views on “Hong Kong 2030+” Society and Livelihood
December, 2016 YI017 Flexible Employment of Today’s Youth Employment and Economics Development
November, 2016 YI016 Attitude of Secondary Students on Physical Education Education and Innovation
 October, 2016  YI015 Young People’s Views on Civil Servant Challenges Governance and Constitutional Development
September, 2016 YI014 Challenges Faced by Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong Society and Livelihood
August, 2016 YI013 Diversifying Hong Kong’s Attractions to Boost Tourism Employment and Economics Development
June, 2016 YI012 Young People’s Views on Continuous Learning Education and Innovation
May, 2016 YI011 Young People’ s Views on the Roles and Functions of the Legislative Council Governance and Constitutional Development
April, 2016 YI010 What Makes Young People Feel Negative Society and Livelihood
March, 2016 YI009 Challenges and Opportunities: Hong Kong’s Role as a Super-Connector Employment and Economics Development
February, 2016 YI008 Do “Flipped Classrooms” Motivate Students to Learn? Education and Innovation
January, 2016 YI007 Young People’s Perception on Public Consultations Governance and Constitutional Development
December, 2015 YI006 Attracting Talents to Hong Kong: Impact and Opportunities Society and Livelihood
November, 2015 YI005 Enhancing the Conditions for Technology Start-ups Employment and Economics Development
October, 2015 YI004 Encouraging Young People to Participate in Innovation and Technology Development Education and Innovation
September, 2015 YI003 Who is Willing to Take up Positions in Public Affairs? Governance and Constitutional Development
August, 2015 YI002 What can the Younger Generation Do for an Aged Society? Society and Livelihood
July, 2015 YI001 The Opportunities of Vocational Training for Youth Employment Employment and Economics Development