All-round Wellness



Hong Kong has faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years. This has not been easy in the entire community, but particularly for the all-round wellbeing of young people. No one can predict when another pandemic, collective trauma or stressor would hit.

One of the most effective ways to cope is to build strength, unity and resilience within the community to weather the current storm and prepare for the next. An HKFYG report was conducted to explore ways how young people might do this through understanding the concept of all-round wellness.


Key findings

1. Nearly 70% felt isolated and disconnected during the pandemic.
2. Over 60% had never heard of the concept of “all-round wellness”.
3. 60% thought it was difficult to adapt to the “new normal” and manage stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.
4. Over 55% wanted to offer help to others.



1. All-round wellness is a comprehensive health goal that everyone can pursue. It involves awareness of needs and finding balance in all aspects of our lives. It also means discovering the connection between individuals and the society to which one belongs in order to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives.
2. Balanced development can be found in six dimensions: these include physical. Emotional, social, occupational, digital and environmental wellness. Together, they help to create more meaningful connections between oneself, one’s society and the world.
3. The continuous pursuit of wellness through awareness is also associated with motivation, choosing and acting responsibly as well as adopting practices that contribute to optimal health and wellbeing. Young people who truly embrace the concept of all-round wellness will endeavor to make it a habit inherent in daily life.