Poll001 Youth and Problem Solving Poll071 Youth Opinion of the HKSAR Government’s Policy Address Poll141 Youth’s Views on Running Business
Poll002 Smoking and Drinking among Youth Poll072 Young People and Gambling on Football Matches Poll142 New Reading Phenomena of Youth in Hong Kong
Poll003 Young People and the Sino-British Row Poll073 A Study of Youth Values through their Behavior on the Internet Poll143 Hong Kong People’s Views on Homosexuality
Poll004 Young People’s Perception of Triad Societies Poll074 The Expectation of Youth on the Budget Proposal Poll144 The Comment of Youth on the 2005/06 Policy Address
Poll005 Young People’s Views on Political Organizations Poll075 Presidential Election in Taiwan : The Views of Youth on Cross-Strait Relations Poll145 2005 Survey of Youth Attitudes and Perceptions towards Personal Data Privacy
Poll006 Young People’s Views on the Hong Kong Economy and their Choice of Jobs Poll076 Youth’s Views on Acquaintance with Chinese History Poll146 Views of Youth on the Fifth Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force
Poll007 Young People’s Perception of Superstition and Destiny Poll077 Parents’ Views on Reform Proposals of  the Education System Poll147 Youth’s Online Activities and the Problems
Poll008 Young People’s Opinion on Medical Services in Hong Kong Poll078 Young People’s Outlook on Life (II) Poll148 The 2006/07 Budget: Expectations and Comments of Young People
Poll009 Young People’s Perception of Family Poll079 The Views of Youth on the Basic Law Poll149 Young People’s Views on their Community
Poll010 Young People’s Views on Corruption Poll080 The Views of HKCEE candidates on their future prospects Poll150 Having Summer Vacation? Not Having Summer Vacation?
Poll011 Young People’s Views on the Sino-British Talks and the Future of Hong Kong Poll081 Youth’s Views on Marriage Poll151 Young People’s Feeling on Friends and Friendship
Poll012 Legal Conceptions among Young People Poll082 The Expectation of Youth on Government Policy and Policy Makers Poll152 The Phenomena of Youth under the Frenzy of the World Cup
Poll013 Young People’s Views on Retirement Benefits Poll083 The Views of Teenagers on Success and Failure Poll153 Young People’s Views on Political Talent
Poll014 Young People’s International Perspectives Poll084 The Views of Young People on Volunteering Poll154 & Poll155 The Views of Parents and Youth on Parent-Child Conflicts
Poll015 Young People’s Views on the Government Poll085 Alarm Bells at Christmas Poll156 & Poll157 The 2006/007 Policy Address: Expectations and Comments of Young People
Poll016 Voting Intentions of Young People Poll086 Young People’s Views on Becoming Wealthy through Investments Poll158 Young People’s Impression of the Performance of the Hong Kong Athletes in the Doha Asia Games
Poll017 News Reading Habits of Young People Poll087 The Views of Young People on Health Care Services Poll159 Young People’s Views on Making Money through Quick Investments
Poll018 Young People’s Views on Soft Drugs Poll088 Can Young People Become Happier ? Poll160 The 2007/08 Budget: Expectation of Young People
Poll019 Young People’s Attitudes to Voting Poll089 Exams Pressure and Inadequate Sleep among Students in Hong Kong Poll161 Poor Youth, Rich Youth
Poll020 Young People’s Views on Pornographic Materials Poll090 Is it a tough job to be a mother? Poll162 Young People’s Views on the 2007 Chief Executive Election
Poll021 Young People’s Views on the Chief Executive Poll091 The Challenges for Today’s Fathers Poll163 Young People’s Views on Competition for Talents
Poll022 Young People’s Command of Language Poll092 Young People’s Views on China’s Bid to Host The Olympic Games Poll164 10 Years of Handover: Young People’s Views on the motherland and Hong Kong
Poll023 Young People’s Views about Voluntary Service Poll093 Future Planning: The Views of F.5 Students on their Prospects Poll165 Young People’s Views on the Green Paper on Constitutional Development
Poll024 Young People’s Views On Courtship Poll094 Does Knowledge have a Price? Poll166 Students Exposure and Access to English Outside School
Poll025 The Perception of Physical Appearance by Young People Poll095 The Responses of Young People of the Policy Address Poll167 Students’ Views on School Rules
Poll026 Young People’s Plans for their Summer Vacation Poll096 China Formally Signed an Accord to Join the World Trade Organisation: The Responses of Hong Kong Young People Poll168 Youth’s Comments on the 2007/08 Policy Address
Poll027 Young People’s Views on Employment Poll097 Young People Learning English and/or Putonghua Poll169 Youth’s Vision of Art and Cultural Development in Hong Kong
Poll028 Young People’s Attitudes towards the ’95 Legco Elections Poll098 Linking the sky with the land Poll170 Christmas: Courtship and the Trend of Buying Gifts among Young People
Poll029 Young People’s Comments on the ’95 Legco Elections Poll099 A Snap Shot of Love among Young People Poll171 What to do with a Bulging Budget Surplus? Expectation of Young People on the 2008/09 Budget
Poll030 Young People’s Views on Saving Poll100 What to do with the Budget Deficit Problem? Youth’s views Poll172 Reforming Healthcare System: Are Young People Ready?
Poll031 Young People’s Views on Marriage and Having Children Poll101 Do Opinion Surveys Have Any Effects? Poll173 The Sichuan Earthquake: Reflections of Hong Kong Youth
Poll032 Young People and Discrimination Poll102 My views on the Accountability System for Principal Officials Poll174 What are Young People Reading?
Poll033 Communication between Parents and Children Poll103 The New Era of Governance: Youth’s Expectation on the Second Term of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Poll175 The Digital Networking of Youth in Hong Kong
Poll034 Children and Private Tuition Poll104 How to Encourage Students to be More Active in Sports? Poll176 Motherland in Integration into the International Community: Youth’s Views on the Beijing Olympic Games
Poll035 Young People and the Transfer of Sovereignty Poll105 Young People’s Attitudes towards Leadership Poll177 What Kinds of Legislators Do HK Youth Want to Elect?
Poll036 Young People’s Views on Sports and Recreation Facilities Poll106 Do Young People Value Privacy? Poll178 The 2008/09 Policy Address: Expectations of Young People
Poll037 Students’ Views on Teachers Poll107 Youth’s Views on Sentencing for Young Offenders Poll179 What Branding of Hong Kong do Young People Aspire?
Poll038 Young People’s Response to the Diaoyu Islands Dispute Poll108 What is the Way Out of the Budget Deficit? Poll180 Christmas for Young Lovers
Poll039 Young People’s Expectations of the HKSAR Chief Executive Poll109 Who Dominates my Fate? Poll181 Youth’s Views on Drug Testing Proposed by the Government
Poll040 Young People’s Views on Home Ownership Poll110 The Comment of Youth on the 2003 Policy Address Poll182 The Passion in Youth’s Heart
Poll041 Young People’s Outlook on Life Poll111 What Should be Done to the Budget? Poll183 The Effects of the Financial Tsunami on Young People’s Views towards Money and Career
Poll042 Flying Eighteen Poll112 Views on the War in Iraq Poll184 The Deviant Behaviour of Youth in Hong Kong
Poll043 Student’s Views on Examinations Poll113 The Opinion of Young People on the Outbreak of Atypical Pneumonia Poll185 The Heart of Young People for the Motherland
Poll044 Young People’s Expectations of the Transfer of Sovereignty Poll114 Insights Gained from the Outbreak of Atypical Pneumonia Poll186 What Problems do Young People Encounter in the Cyber World?
Poll045 Parent’s Views on Child Management Poll115 Responses to the Measures to Improve Environmental Hygiene Proposed by the “Team Clean” Poll187 Summer Holidays of Students under the Threat of the H1N1 Virus
Poll046 Feedback from Form Five Students on Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination Poll116 Gloomy Economic Prospects: The Challenges for Fathers as Heads of Families Poll188 Students’ Participation in Private Tuition
Poll047 Youth’s Expectation of HKSAR’s First Policy Address Poll117 Face the Reality: The Aspiration on Career and Fringe Benefits for Employment Poll189 & Poll190 Risks on the Internet: Views of Parents and Young People (I)
Poll048 Youth’s Evaluation of HKSAR’s First Policy Address Poll118 Youths’ Intentions to Explore Career Prospects in the Pearl River Delta following the Signing of CEPA Poll191 What are Young People Afraid of when Using English?
Poll049 Youth’s Views on the Three-tier System of Representative Government Poll119 Young People’s Views on Regulation of Health Claims Poll192 Love and Courtship Online
Poll050 Youth’s Views on Financial Situation in the Future Poll120 The First Chinese Astronaut Poll193 The Post-80s Generation
Poll051 Youth’s Expectations on Budget Proposal Poll121 Youths’ Expectations on the Second-term District Council Members of the HKSAR Government Poll194 The 2010/11 Budget: Comments of Young People
Poll052 Youth’s Views on Quality Education Poll122 Youths’ Views on Giving without Expecting Reward Poll195 The Prospects for the Last Cohort of S5 Students
Poll053 Young People and the 1998 Legislative Council Elections Poll123 If I were the Chief Executive: Youths’ Views on Improving Policy Poll196 The 2010 Shanghai World Expo
Poll054 The Impact of Unemployment on Young People Poll124 Radio Programmes: Listening Patterns and Expectations of Youth Poll197 Youth’s Views on the 2012 Constitutional Reform Package
Poll055 Youth’s Retrospection On The Year Since The Handover Poll125 The 2004/05 Budget: Expectations and Comments of Young People Poll198 Is our competitiveness under threat?
Poll056 Youth’s Expectations of First-Term Legislators of the SAR Government Poll126 Views of Youth on the Decisions Made by the NPC Standing Committee regarding Hong Kong’s Constitutional Development Poll199 Public Impression of the Hong Kong Youth
Poll057 The Prospects for Graduates Poll127 Book Reading Culture of Youth in Hong Kong Poll200 The Digital Mobile Life of the Hong Kong Youth
Poll058 Youth’s Views on the HKSAR Government’s Policy Address Poll128 Young People’s Views on their Mothers Poll201 & Poll202 Risks on the Internet: Views of Parents and Young People (II)
Poll059 Evaluation of the HKSAR Government’s Policy Address Poll129 Participating in Online Gaming: Young People’s Views on Avoiding Committing Offences & Protecting Personal Cyber Property Poll203 Young Student’s Perceptions of Addictions
Poll060 How important are Academic Results to Students? Poll130 Views of Youth on the Society of Hong Kong Today Poll204 The Attitudes and Behaviours of Young Students during the Festive Season
Poll061 Youth’s Views on Various Professions Poll131 Views of Youth on the Third Term HKSAR Legislative Council Election Poll205 Expectation of Young People on the 2011/12 Budget
Poll062 Strong Temptation? Young People’s Views on Fake and Pirated Goods Poll132 Views of Youth on the Third Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force Poll206 Young People’s Views on the 2011 District Council Election
Poll063 Does Revising the Educational System Matter to Young Students? Poll133 After the PRD: Youth’s Attitudes towards Seeking Development in the Yangtze River Delta Poll207 Mutual Help and Community Support in Hong Kong
Poll064 Implications of the 1999-2000 Budget on Young People Poll134 Perspectives of Hong Kong Youth on Society: Recent Past and Near Future Poll208 Youth and Information Technology
Poll065 The Breaking Up of the Iron Bowl: Do Young People Find Joining the Civil Service Still Attractive? Poll135 The Comment of Youth on the 2005 Policy Address
Poll066 The New Generation and the Spirit of the May Fourth Movement Poll136 Intentions of Youth towards Having Children
Poll067 Youth’s Responses to the Bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia by NATO Poll137 The 2005/06 Budget: Expectations and Comments of Young People
Poll068 Youth’s Views on Healthy Living Poll138 Youth’s Views on the Current Strained Relationship of the Sino-Japanese Ties
Poll069 Prospects for F.5 Graduates Poll139 Young People’s Perceptions of their Mothers
Poll070 Youth’s Views on Spending Money in Advance Poll140 Young People’s Views on the Chief Executive