(Summary Only)

YS01 The Push and Pull Factors of Joining Juvenile Gangs YS27 A Study on Social Capital with regard to Social Networks, Trust and Reciprocity
YS02 Decriminalizing Juvenile Offences: Police Superintendents’ Discretion Scheme and Follow-up Services YS28 A Study on Social Capital with regard to Citizenship
YS03 School Dropouts and Truants: Implications for the Formulation of Policy and Services YS29 Seeking Employment in the Pearl River Delta: A Study of the Attitudes of Hong Kong Youth
YS04 Is the Hong Kong Family the Cornerstone of Adolescent Development? YS30 A Study on Young People’s Views on the Collection and Reflection of Public Opinion in Hong Kong
YS05 Case Studies of Drug Abuse Among Young People: Implications for the Formulation of Policies and Services YS31 A Study on Information Technology in Education: Teaching and Learning
YS06 Teenage Pregnancy – Service and Policy Options YS32 A Study on How Hong Kong Young People Cope with Stress
YS07 The Population Poser: How do Young New Arrivals from Mainland China Adapt? YS33 A Study on the Livelihood of Young People from Low-income Households in Hong Kong
YS08 The Stop-out Syndrome: When Night Life Takes Over from Home Life YS34 A Study on Girls in Gangs
YS09 Feeding the Future : A Study on Students’ Eating Arrangements YS35 The Transition from School to Work
YS10 Roads to the Future – A Study on Internet and Young People YS36 A Study on Economic Dependence on Family among Young People in Hong Kong
YS11 Access to Justice? An Exploratory Study of Juvenile Offenders in the Juvenile Justice System YS37 The Challenges and Difficulties Faced by Young People in Hong Kong with Low Educational Attainments, Low Levels of Skill and Low Incomes
YS12 Tuning in to Youth – The Setting Up of Hong Kong Youth Indicators YS38 A Study on Young People’s Participation in the Community and the 2007 District Council Elections
YS13 Teaching with Mother Language – A Study into Parents’ and Students’ Attitudes YS39 Tackling Drug Abuse by Young People – A Study on Preventive Education and Publicity Strategies
YS14 Chasing Fitness? – A Study into Health Awareness of Youths in Hong Kong YS40 A Study on the Long-term Social Welfare Planning for Hong Kong
YS15 A Study on Sentencing Options For Young Offenders in Hong Kong YS41 The Impact of Youth Unemployment in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis
YS16 A Study on the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Hong Kong YS42 Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Study of Employment Opportunities and the Possibilities of Attracting Young Talent
YS17 A Study on Youth Unemployment in Hong Kong YS43 A Study on the Awareness of the Rule of Law among University Students in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao
YS18 A Study on New Arrivals from the Mainland YS44 A Study on Cyber-bullying among Hong Kong Secondary Students
YS19 From Reading to Browsing: A Study on Obstacles for Information Technology Learning in Education for the Students of Hong Kong YS45 A Study on the Economic Dependence on Family among Young People in Hong Kong (II) – Housing Problem
YS20 A Study on the After School Life of Secondary Students in Hong Kong YS46 Difficulties in Starting a Business: A Study on Youth Entrepreneurship
YS21 A Study on the Alcohol Drinking Habits Among Youth in Hong Kong YS47 Young People’s Views on Authority
YS22 A Study on the Participation of Hong Kong Youth in Legislative Council Elections YS48 A Study on Employment Difficulties and The Way Out for Young People
YS23 A Study on Youth Gangs in New Town Development YS49 The Daily Needs and Financial Pressures of Young People with Government Loans
YS24 A Study on the Trends of Hong Kong Young People Seeking a Career on the Mainland YS50 The Learning and Developmental Needs of Cross-Border Students
YS25 A Study on Young People’s Vision on Hong Kong’s Planning and Development Strategy YS51 A Study on How to Facilitate Youth Participation in Creative Industries
YS26 A Study on Social Capital with regard to Giving, Volunteering and Participating YS52 A Study on Young Working Poor in Hong Kong