STEM Education in Primary Schools

The Youth I.D.E.A.S. announced its latest report on
STEM Education in Primary Schools


A questionnaire survey on 520 P.4 to P.6 senior primary school students noted that 40.8% were not familiar with STEM Education. Respondents tend to believe that their creativity and problem solving skill were slightly above average, they scored 5.95 and 5.79 respectively (0-10 scale, 10 indicates extremely good ).


Primary Students polled did not participate in any kinds of STEM learning activity because they have too many assignments (49.8%), the classes are too costly (36.2%) and do not have passion for related subjects (36.0%).


Some STEM experts and educators interviewed also claimed Hong Kong Primary Schools encountered some obstacles, including labour, subvention, resources shortage etc. when they promoted STEM Education.


STEM Education is significant to improve students’ different capabilities. It is worth putting more effort to advance the STEM Education in Primary Schools.