The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Opportunities for Youth

Journal of Youth Studies
January 2017

Volume 20 . Issue No. 1

Serial No. 39


The Belt and Road refers to the land-based “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the seagoing “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. The routes cover about 70 countries and regions from Asia to Europe. This innovative concept has aroused global concerns and discussions.

The latest issue of the HKFYG Journal of Youth Studies (JYS) focuses on the Belt and Road Initiative and its opportunities for youth. How Hong Kong can capitalise on its unique status to enhance its position by taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by this concept; and how Hong Kong young people can create their positive attitude towards the Initiative become a hot topic.

The rapid development of the new media has brought many changes to our modern lives. The second theme of this issue is to examine the relationship between the new media and self-harm in young people. To what extent do young people’s self-destructive behaviour triggered by new media become a major concern. The topic in the Pan-Chinese Societies Exchange section of the journal is “The New Media and Suicidal cases among youth”, which provides more discussion and perspectives in this area.

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