Strengthening Intergenerational Understanding

The Youth I.D.E.A.S. announced its latest report on
“Strengthening Intergernational Understanding”



The Youth I.D.E.A.S. (established by HKFYG Youth Research Centre) has released its study on “Strengthening Intergenerational Understanding”.


Data gathered from 300 Hong Kong youth aged from 18 to 29 showed that 42.4% of respondents said they had frequently (5.7%) or occasionally (36.7%) argued with their parents in the past six months. The major reasons were the recent social events/political stance (70.9%) and financial or spending issues (59.1%). Moreover, the data gathered from 302 parents aged from 54 to 73 also said their family relationships had deteriorated in the past six months (31.2%).


This report recommended that a positive communication movement within the family to overcome parent-adolescent conflicts and a dedicated funding to encourage intergenerational relationships at the community level.