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April 26, 2018

Enhancing e-Government in the HKSAR

Youth I.D.E.A.S. 29 Governance and Constitutional Development Enhancing e-Government in the HKSAR 26 April, 2018     e-Government, broadly speaking, is the digitalization of government operations through the use of Internet and the application of Information and Communication Technology (ITC). It provides government with opportunities to deliver more accessible public services of a higher quality. It is generally believed that effective implementation of e-services could enhance the performance of the government. It also helps create a positive public image of the government, providing favourable conditions to maintain good governance.   Since its establishment, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government […]
February 11, 2018

Promoting Organ Donation in Hong Kong

Youth I.D.E.A.S. 28 Society and Livelihood Promoting Organ Donation in Hong Kong 11 February, 2018     Every day, over 2,000 patients in Hong Kong are waiting for an organ transplant to extend their lives. However, the organ donation rate in Hong Kong is currently amongst the lowest in the world at 6.3 donors per million people, seven times lower than that of Spain in 2016. Some Hong Kong patients even die whilst waiting for an organ transplant.   Hong Kong has long maintained a policy of ‘voluntary organ donation’. Under this mechanism, everyone can register themselves on the Centralised […]
January 30, 2018

e-Sports in Hong Kong

Youth I.D.E.A.S. 27 Employment and Economic Development e-Sports in Hong Kong 30 January, 2018     e-Sports consists of organised video game competitions that include elements of both video game and sports.  It is a popular activity among young people today.  Participants may watch or take part in competitions.   According the to the Global e-Sports market report, the global e-Sports audience has reached 385 million in 2017 and will reach 589 million in 2020[1].  The Olympic Council of Asia has also announced that e-Sports will become a medal event in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games[2].   Because of its […]
December 21, 2017

Building Public Trust in the Government

Youth I.D.E.A.S. 25 Governance and Constitutional Development Building Public Trust in the Government 21 December, 2017     Trust is a precious resource in facilitating interactions among people in any kind of society, including those between the government and its people. It is also a major concern when it comes to good governance. Yet, when looking around the world, challenges to the mutual trust between the government and the public are common. An international survey noted that in 21 out of the 28 countries or areas polled in the survey, people’s trust in government was rated under 50%[1].   In […]
June 26, 2017

Young People’s Views on Togetherness

  Youth I.D.E.A.S. 23 Governance and Constitutional Development Young People’s Views on Togetherness 26 June, 2017     Hong Kong, a city with a long history of diversity, has recently witnessed serious controversy and confrontations over unequal economic development, livelihood issues and the changing political landscape. The deep-rooted problems come into views, which further intensify the fracture of the city.  The cohesion of the society is under great challenge.   Moreover, the city seems to be enveloped in a shroud of animosity.  Some people worry that the basic social values of the Hong Kong society are to be eroded, and […]